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Also pre-work playin with new inkageI like the whiskers{/LinkOpenTag}

Also pre-work playin with new inkage
I like the whiskers

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Upward butterflies’ helix ascension,
Making love or dueling or otherwise
Intertwined; unified yet improvised,
Both hands of a jazz organ progression.
Rhythm disturbed by blood’s forced secession,
A drone overwhelming both drum and mind;
Lips trying to vibrate a dragonfly
Clarity through bouts of…

hey everyone I managed to finish this last night. I don’t really know how to explain this one, I think it was going somewhere and then I heard some jazz music and then it just sort of all came out but it took a long time somehow idk
But I like the way it sounds I like this yeah

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I’m at the mark of 4 lines away from poem completion where I’m like do I go to bed and wait for morning clarity or enjoy the whole bathrobe stuffed bear cuddlin pen strugglin aesthetic I got goin here

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So hey I have tomorrow off! And I actually have money so I can buy ART supplies I’m really excited

And work’s been going really positively lately everyone’s been saying really nice things to me

Also my coworker said we should wear bowties and stuff tooday so? that ended up bein kinda cute

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Within the silence of a single throat
Fall a thousand voices to their coda;
Long-coming collapse, the supernova
Unable to keep its glow afloat.
Frowns in the wings ‘tween renditions of quotes,
Melodies from childhood pouring over,
Dwelling upon an empty-mouthed cobra,
Navy falling into every note.

Hi everyone, a poem from last night. I’ve worked through alot of feelings about Mr Williams dying and the sorts of things that brought up for me.

I’m still kinda constantly tired from work but it feels good to still be writing and the poetry blog has been steadily gaining followers which makes me very happy

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List five things you like about yourself and send this to ten of your favorite followers!

I ran out of asks for my hour so I gotta use fanmail, whooooops!


Ahh zowzers thank you!

1) I like that I’ve made drawing and writing a regular part of my life
2) I regularly write letters and work to keep in touch with faraway friends
3) I kept living
4) I feel really anxious about doing some things but still pull through and do them
5) I’ve had people tell me I inspire them or otherwise help them be more positive and that is just the bees knees

It’s late so I don’t know if I’ll send this around? But y’all know I love ya right yes I do

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i dunno I haven’t drawn anything for awhile but these lilluns are cute at least{/LinkOpenTag}

i dunno I haven’t drawn anything for awhile but these lilluns are cute at least

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you’re not a bad person if there are actual reasons why looking at ferguson stuff makes you terribly anxious or paranoid and im not going to fault you if you can’t. but, if you are humanly able, please reblog the posts on how to help, how to avoid tear gas, how to help pay for legal fees, the vigilsetc., and please, if you have the hd space, download and archive every video/picture of this you can, they are being taken off of social media. 

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I saw the news on the Highway patrol taking control of things in Ferguson and have since seen it confirmed. So this puts me at ease and I’ve escaped the heat a bit so I think I’ll sit down and draw awhile finally

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