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 So I found my books for one class at the bookstore, and a super-secret free pdf for another one that was on the expensive side so? woop woop i solemnly swear I am up to no good #totalrebel

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so it’s 7 a.m. for me tomorrow to the uni before work see if the bookstore actually has any of my textbooks in, I’ve been checking for over a week and nothin but the day before classes they SHOULD have sumn right?

Here’s hopin, anyways. Goodnight all, I’ll be doin some light reading while giving my thigh a heating pad bc I am an old man

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hey 5 minute or so doodle from my break I have quite taken to drawing these flowers{/LinkOpenTag}

hey 5 minute or so doodle from my break I have quite taken to drawing these flowers

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I’m so slow on poems nowadays but still cut through my fatigue I got within 4 lines this morning before work so I’m happy with myself

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a public service announcement

I still don’t understand why none of my art teachers ever told us this.

I’m just going to point something out for anyone who is confused. There’s a big difference between “primary colors” and “primary pigment colors”.

The primary colors, as far as our eyes are concerned with regards to light, are R/G/B, as part of the additive color system. That’s why televisions use Red, Green, and Blue pixels.

When mixing pigments/dyes/ink, like with printers, CMYK is used, often referred to as the subtractive color system (K standing for black, because the pigments when mixed usually make a dark brown).

RYB is an older version of of the subtractive system, due to access of pigmets at the time, lack of understanding of how light works, and the fact that it is still a pretty usable system. It was eventually found to be ineffective when it comes to producing all colors, but it still produced a good portion of colors to the point that it was generally accepted as a standard. It does still serve as a good way to teach kids the basics of mixing colors.

So that’s why you may be confused why art classes didn’t teach you this. RYB is that classical color wheel, CMYK is the modern equivalent after studying light and applying it when making ink/pigment. These are the primary pigment colors that are generally accepted as correct.

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good day I biked a long bike with my brother and we found wild raspberries and then I had a good drive back to the city and my roommate and I made a good meal and watched the Prisoner of Azkaban and it’s definitely one of the best Potter movies so that’s happy

2 days ago 1 note texty larooand it makes me excited for schoolanD BABY HERMIONE IS SO CUTE ALKHD I WANT A DAUGHTER

here’s a teeny pen doodle I did last night that I love zowzersignore the nose in the top left{/LinkOpenTag}

here’s a teeny pen doodle I did last night that I love zowzers

ignore the nose in the top left

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p basic totoro doodle but I like charcoal and also the trees behind him{/LinkOpenTag}

p basic totoro doodle but I like charcoal and also the trees behind him

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barelyvisualarts said: All that sounds amazing especially + great oral hygiene 😬😎

Really though when my dentist compliments me on my flossing I’m like fistpumping excited (but fistpumping in my head bc at this point there’s sharp objects in my mouth)

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Cold length of overreaching September
Tousling overcast bangs; Summer salt
Melts freehand, unsuperstitious embers
Of August running from pored forehead faults.
Boundless quills loosely scrawl o’er the ridges
In the architecture of shoulder blades,
Arched and ending unarmed in dry ditches

Hey everyone! A poem! And I might get to draw tonight and tomorrow! Days off are wondrous things

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